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Arcania - 1st French manufacturer of bedpan washers

Range of bedpan washers desinfector for hospitals and clinics

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lave bassin total

Automatic and sporicide

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The reasons to choose an automatic bedpan washer
100% Automatic, Top loading facility, ensuring hygienic and ergonomic usage, High performance washing with 12 jets, 4 of which have a rotate function, Thermal disinfection of equipment through the maintenance of a temperature of 85°C to 90°C for 1 minute, approved by the Institute Pasteur in Lille....

2 in 1, both bedpans washer and sluice
Lack of space ? You have the old ceramic sluice ! By replacing your old ceramic sluice with a Clinox 3A AUTO you will gain more space and a faster turnaround time. With its top-loading function, the CLINOX 3A AUTO makes it easier to empty buckets in comparison to a traditional sluice.

Complete solution, optimizing volume of wash & adaptability
To meet the diverse needs of users, a wide range of holders has been developed to optimize the capacity washing (Eg : 6 urine botttles washing in same time) and the variety of utensils (Eg Toilet seat rise).

ARCANIA is a brand of bedpan washers dedicated to the hospital market and is manufactured by SOFINOR S.A.S

A family owned company founded in 1961, SOFINOR S.A.S. specialized in the manufacturing of stainless steel equipment.

By systematically integrating considerations of hygiene, ergonomics and safety into its designs, ARCANIA is today an important player in the global market for bedpan washers.

This creative approach, which takes into account both hygiene and technical aspects is possible thanks to the manufacturing expertise of our single production site located in the north of France.

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Bedpan washers ARCANIA CLINOX 3A is a fluid product.
The accessory range equips the ARCANIA bedpan washers CLINOX 3A for optimised use, whatever the situation.

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Range of bedpan washers desinfector for hospitals and clinics.

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