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After consulting with their hygiene and operations teams, our hospital decided to invest in an ARCANIA bedpan washer.

Two factors were key to this decision: the fact that the washer minimises manual handling thereby helping to prevent hospital-acquired infections, and the dual sluice and flush functions.

The ease of usage of this washer is particularly appreciated by the staff who previously washed bedpans by hand, using chemicals. We also supplemented this purchase with an ARCANIA stainless steel shelving system and ARCANIA stainless steel equipment.

Cecilia, 30, hygienist nurse in hospital

Here we use bedpans less frequently than in hospital. Given that we are a small establishment, this was a significant investment for us and we were looking for a multifunction bedpan washer.

We have chosen the 3A AUTO since it allows us to wash and disinfect toilet seats, bedpans and buckets directly in the tank, thanks to its multifunction accessories.

Moreover, this useful piece of equipment is 100% French!

Beatrice, 53, nurse in a retiring home